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FiVE has been founded by Mathew Easow, an accomplished ex-banking and investment professional and Sowmya Surendranathan, a highly qualified Speech Language Pathologist who was practicing in the UK prior to starting FiVE.

Both come from families closely connected with medicine, education and teaching. For Sowmya, it was a natural step to train, gain extensive experience and specialize in areas related to children with special needs. Mathew is an Industrial Engineer by training with a focus on quality and processes.

Having gained extensive experience in India and overseas,
they decided to combine their strengths and expertise to
establish FiVE, based on thorough needs assessments.

Mathew looks after the operations of FiVE to ensure a
highly professional environment, leaving Sowmya free to
fully focus on the challenges of providing inter-disciplinary
therapy services to families of children with special needs.

Sowmya Surendranathan

Speech-Language Pathologist and Director-Services,

Sowmya Surendranathan is a specialist in Speech-Language and
Communication Therapy.  She has served with The Child Development
Centre and Department for School Services, National Health Services,
London, UK and as visiting consultant at Hope Centre for Cognitive
Rehabilitation, London. Here she trained in Sign-along, a communication
programme for non-verbal children and Parent-Child Interaction
approach to developing communication skills in the early years. She is also
one of only two certified practitioners in India of the highly selective The
Hanen Centre in Canada (which focuses on training parents of children
with speech and language delay), licensed to conduct the ‘It takes
two to talk’ program.

Sowmya holds a Masters degree in Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences
from Dr. S. R. Chandrashekar Institute of Speech & Hearing, Bangalore
and a Bachelor’s degree from the Sri Ramachandra Medical College &
Research Institute. Chennai

Among her research projects is having developed a highly validated,
standardized tool - ‘Screening Profile for Learning Disability in Primary
School Level’, which was presented at the International Conference
‘Children 2002 - Enhancing the Learning Potential in Students” in 2002 in Chennai.

Additionally, she has trained to be a remedial instructor for children with learning disabilities and is certified in various learning strategies of the University of Kansas at Alpha to Omega Learning Centre, Chennai. She has also obtained a Diploma in “Learning Propensity Assessment Device (Basic and Standard)” awarded by ICELP, Israel organized by Alpha to Omega Learning Centre, Chennai and is a certified practitioner of cognitive therapy using the tool “INSTRUMENTAL ENRICHMENT” (Basic, Level I and II. ICELP, Israel)

During her stint in India, she has worked with many other special schools and organizations in Chennai and Bangalore. Apart from clinical practice she has also organized and been part of training programmes for teachers, parents and other professionals in the area of child development.

Sowmya is also one of the only two Speech-Language Pathologists in India to be certified by The HANEN Centre, Canada to conduct the “It Takes Two To Talk” program for families and care givers of children with delayed speech-language development.

Mathew Easow

Director – Operations & Management
Mathew is an accomplished technocrat with over a decades experience in banking,
finance and education.

Having done his Industrial Engineering & Management from BMS College of
Engineering, Bangalore. Mathew also has a MBA in International
Business & Information Technology from the Manipal Institute of Management
with additional qualifications in the areas of Capital Markets and Financial

He has delivered extra-ordinary growth while working at Senior levels managing large teams of over 300 people with India Bulls, Kotak Securities and Aban Group.

A keen planner, he has proven abilities as an expert in managing customer centric operations and ensuring customer satisfaction focused on service quality norms.

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