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FiVE Service Implementation System

We have put together years of collective experience and research to design our unique Service Implementation System (SIS) which maintains a caring, collegial, and compassionate environment ensuring therapy that is continuous, comprehensive, and culturally competent.

Early intervention

At FiVE, we work with children right from the age of 3 months.

Therapy is initiated as soon as the problem is detected and is
implemented with the full involvement and participation of families.

Therapy plans focus on needs, strengths, priorities, goals, and actions
to be undertaken.


Not all parents with children who have specific needs are often well informed of where, when, from whom and how much help their child is likely to need and will receive.

A detailed discussion before starting any therapy is essential so that you are completely aware of the situation at hand. When we meet families for the first time, we spend lot of time and attention identifying the actual problem, and help you understand the required course of action.


Assessments are always conducted by a team of professionals - occupational therapists, speech- language therapists, psychologists and special educators.  The combination of the team that will then be assigned for each child is decided depending on the issue at hand.

Labeling and Diagnosing is done only by professionals who are authorized to do so within their expertise and experience in their specific areas. It’s definitely not ‘a one shoe fits all’ approach.

Our comprehensive and dynamic assessments are geared towards defining
the root cause of the problem and facilitate the choice of medical,
educational, behavioral, and psychosocial treatments.

We not only assess your child, but the needs of the family and entire
issue at hand. This helps us plan the most effective and appropriate
intervention program which includes not only identifying strategies to
bridge gaps in development, and manage behaviors but also finding
strategies to build on what is practical and feasible for the family.



Therapy is always one-to-one where each family gets the undivided attention
of the assigned therapist in a private space dedicated to you. This ensures that
you are comfortable and facilitates the family and the child to bond with the therapist.

Individual therapy is especially important at the beginning stages of treatment as specific goals are established. A child however may attend more than one individual therapy e.g. occupational therapy and communication therapy for a child with autism spectrum disorder, or occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and special education for a child with learning disability. In such cases, therapists involved design a single plan for the child and implement it using their expertise.

We can never guarantee how quickly your child will improve or how much of the developmental gap we can bridge. At FiVE, therapy is given in blocks of 3 months where a review at the end of the block facilitates planning the next step. This will help you understand the direction of progress and internalize the whole process in smaller, more comprehensible steps.

Group therapy

Children learn by observing, imitating and experimenting with their peers and adults around them. Being in a group will provide your child opportunities for modeling and practicing the skills he learnt in the individual sessions. Group therapy is always conducted by skilled therapists who are able to bring the best in each child in that particular group and promote positive interactions.

Parent workshops

You are not alone! You may be at a point where you have just realized your child has a problem or you may have already done the rounds of doctor/therapist shopping. You may be backed by a very supportive family or you may be the only one concerned about your child.  Remember, there are other families also going through the same or maybe even more stress and mixed emotions of hurt, guilt, disappointment, anger.

Meeting other parents will help you share emotions and experiences. Therapists running the workshops focus on specific topics of common concern such as behavioral management, toilet training, implementing home programs, understanding your child’s sensory needs, developing a communication strategy for your child etc.

Mother of

My Child
Who is 5 and
Half Years old
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Dynamic assessment

Labels and Diagnosis can be scary for parents! But they serve as guidelines that will help determine the most appropriate treatment without wasting time on trial and errors. After extensive research, we have developed a dynamic assessment protocol that does not just provide a set of scores but gives a comprehensive profile of the child’s strengths and areas of weakness. Conducted by a team of experts, the assessment guides us to the most effective therapy plan.

Detailed documentation

Progress is regularly reviewed, evaluated, and documented in detail. The existence of such documents facilitates the transfer of information and the continuity of necessary support if a child moves from one setting to another or when a family is moving to a different area of residence.

Profiling of the child

The team’s goal is to create an individualistic profile of your child and this is done over 3-5 sittings by two to three different specially trained therapists in a creative and stimulating environment. Input from the family and outside sources is given weight while profiling the child.

Specialized programs at FiVE

. It Takes Two To Talk – The HANEN Centre
. Signalong
. Mediated learning experience
. Sensory integration
. Neuro developmental therapy
. Cognitive behavior therapy
. Behaviour modification
. Play therapy
. Brain gym
. Learning strategies curriculum

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