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  Varun Singh
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. T.Mohammed Eshan

Name of the child: T. Mohammed Eshan

I, M.B.Aezaz Fathima, got to know about FiVE, child development center, through the website. With my 3and half year old son having speech problem, I got him assessed about 2 months back. In a matter of time of 60 days he has improved rapidly, thanks to an tireless effort from his tutor.

A conversation with Ms.Soumya, the Director, puts us parents into immediate relief. The center staff has all the information one needs to with regards to overall development of child. Children easily get into homely atmosphere and the tireless effort of every staff member puts all parents at ease. Activities ranging from individual and group, help a child realize the importance of self work and group effort.

Eshan readily looks forwards to meet the therapist, play with her and I have noticed is now imitating her. She uses play to teach concepts and is very good at her teaching skills. I am pleased and thankful for the joint effort of the entire staff. I wish the center best of luck for the future.


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