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. Roshan
  Varun Singh
  PB Braghatheesh
  R Abraham joy
  T.Mohammed Eshan

Parents of Roshan

Dear Therapists,
First, I would like to thank you all for providing the excellent therapy and support to my son.
As parents, we had observed a tremendous improvement in Roshan and have penned down few noticeable ones:

His sitting tolerance had increased
Sustained eye contact had increased
He quickly responds to his name and willingly goes to the person for a hug (or) interacts with them
Social and other behavioral skills had drastically improved
His listening skills had increased – understands 1, 2 and 3 word instructions
His communication is improving – sometimes he sings and many a times he murmurs/hums the rhymes he learnt/heard
Imitation skills had also improved
He is now toilet trained and indicates when he needs – we are trying him to say the relevant words, which he will do it very sooner

Again thanks a lot and I appreciate the therapists for all their efforts, therapies and home works/tips. Due to my work commitments, I hardly interact with them but when I started to feel the difference/improvements in Roshan, have no words to describe my happiness.

Today was Roshan's last day for this academic year. We had a meeting with his class teachers and were showered with praises about Roshan:

He recently started greeting "Hi & Bye" to all his teachers and classmates by waving his hands with no prompt. His classmates also reciprocate by calling his name and playing with him.
Well behaved in classroom – sits in his place & doesn't roam around; doesn't throw/rotate toys during his playtime
Doesn't want to leave his classroom (after his class gets over) but wants to stay back. When explained, he accepts and leaves for home

Having shown continuous improvements, his teachers have recommended to the school management to increase his class timing from 1 ¼ hours to 3 hours. This is really a positive sign of improvement, which we wanted to share to you all.

Once again thank you all for your efforts…. I've started referring FIVE centre to all parents, who get in touch with me for ONE place for their child's development needs.


Parents sharing experience about FiVE Therapy Center

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