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  Varun Singh
  PB Braghatheesh
. R Abraham joy
  T.Mohammed Eshan

Parents of R. Abraham Joy

First I should say thanks to Lord Jesus who has showed the problem in the right time and given a way (center) to take an action to overcome the problem.

And I should say thanks to all the therapists in FiVE center for each and every individual the love and care attention given to my son and as well as to me. I am honouring all the therapists for their patience and taking care of the importance of the child's life.

FiVE's OT has taken care of my son from the first day I have joined in the FiVE center. From that day till now he has given me all kind of guidance, awareness and how to react, coordinate each and everything not only with my son even when I broke down that time how I have to overcome and bring my child to make him normal and overcome the people around me because of my son.

Everyday when the session gets over he will give feedback of my son with positive and negative things and he will give me suggestions and advise me how to make negative things of my son to make positive. If I go on talking about the things of what and all FiVE's team has made me strong and courage to bring my child to make as normal child this page is not enough for me. I am thankful and grateful to FiVE.

Even other therapists, who all not treated my child as someone else is taking therapy why should we have to interact , instead of that when ever the session gets over who ever the therapist in the reception counter will take him and make him to take showing love and care it was really attracted me and helped me a lot. All are in their part they did job with full heart. I thank God for that.

I really pray to God to give good health and peaceful life for all the therapists who is working for FiVE center and make them strong and specialists in their occupation.

Especially my entire family's special prayer for Mrs Sowmya who is the Director of FiVE now and always. And for all the therapists.

Thanking you
E.Sampoorna Devi.


Parents sharing experience about FiVE Therapy Center

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