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FiVE follows a unique Service Implementation System (SIS).
If you are passionate about children and want to be part of their development process, then you have come to the right place. If you want a business that helps future generations of children develop - socially, mentally and physically - then you should contact us. We are looking for people who share a zeal for helping families of children with special needs with the ultimate objective of including them in the mainstream society.

Who can apply?
We welcome people from diverse backgrounds who have an inclination towards child development to be part of our franchisee network. Skills in customer service, marketing, people management and a financial understanding will help you. We also welcome schools to set up our resource centers in their campuses as a FiVE franchisee. These units can be set up as ‘value added services’ and will actively support schools to pursue their goal of inclusive education and services can be delivered at the school campus itself.

What does it take?
Running a FiVE franchise requires many things and we offer complete training and support. While owning a FiVE franchise can be challenging, we assure that it will be personally fulfilling.

How do we support?
FiVE has put together years of collective experience and research to design our unique Service Implementation System (SIS) which maintains a caring, collegial, and compassionate environment ensuring intervention that is continuous, comprehensive, and culturally competent.

Admin support – We will help you to establish necessary operational reporting and controls at your facility which will enable you to function efficiently, effectively and achieve profitability. Admin staff will be trained with all protocols & systems.

Service support - We will support you by providing the required training and development for your clinical staff. We will train and equip you and your team to deliver world-class services using FiVE-SIS. We welcome partners with zeal to provide superior services to families of children with special needs and make a tangible difference to their lives.

For commercials and further details please do contact us:

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