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  Varun Singh
  PB Braghatheesh
  R Abraham joy
. Ribhav
  T.Mohammed Eshan

Childs name: Ribhav
Age: 4
Mothers name: Shiwani

My son used to have problems with his balance since his birth. The doctors diagnosed him with gross motor problems at the age of 3 & half and asked us to take the help of an occupational therapist. We had researched a lot and met up with various institutes before taking up FIVE due to their professional approach and good infrastructure. We started the therapy sessions in July 2006 and have witnessed tremendous improvement in his balance.

The therapists have a wonderful knack of connecting with the children and make the sessions very lively and fun-filled for them. As a result, my son largely looks forward to these sessions with enthusiasm, as he is also realizing the benefits of the activities in his day-to-day life. The therapists are very well trained and are able to devise easy and effective ways to deal with core issues. I have already and would recommend FIVE wholeheartedly to all parents who are looking to deal with any developmental issues for their children.


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