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  Varun Singh
. L.Prathishta
  PB Braghatheesh
  R Abraham joy
  T.Mohammed Eshan

L. Prathishta

As parents of Prathishta we came to FiVE Inc., with references from SRMC-RI. We wanted a lasting solution for the sensory integration and hyperactive problems, over a course of two blocks the Occupational therapist has been able to improve her eye contact and also started uttering her name. As parents we could not stop from expecting more positives from her. Subsequent blocks saw the child improving her vocabulary, sustained eye contact, reduction in repeat gestures, and noticeable improvement in attention. At this time our sessions moved to Kodambakkam, where another Occupational therapist saw the child for the first time. Being a seasoned professionals FiVE Center gave us comfort by helping us understand the positives of the child. The therapist made Prathishta get accustomed to the new center and to him in a short time. She stopped crying and turned more participative and cooperative. FiVE also conducted a workshop for parents which were extremely useful for parents. It helped us understand the problems/constraints faced by our child and get perspective of this whole concept. We as parents believe that the journey will continue and that we are on track. The biggest challenge in handling a child with this problem is to find the right place to get the right help in time. We are happy we are at the right place.

Thank you FiVE Inc.


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