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  Varun Singh
. PB Braghatheesh
  R Abraham joy
  T.Mohammed Eshan

Parents of PB Braghatheesh

My child 'Braghatheesh' (51/2 yrs) has been attending occupational Therapy classes at FiVE Incorporated for the past three months. The center provides services to children
with special needs:-

To enable the child achieve self dependence
To perform functional activities of daily living such as dressing, toileting
Play activities

With the following aim, I approached the center, FiVE Incorporated for my child.

To facilitate his dependence in communication, to develop appropriate social skills, to achieve concentration and body-mind co-ordination in an activity.

Before the commencement of classes, he was initially assessed by an occupational therapist as well as a speech therapist. The workshop which is being organized by the center is really informative and useful for parents. It really creates awareness among the parents of children with special needs regarding occupational therapy. It helps the parents to understand the child's difficulty in performing the activities due to sensorial problems.

I feel the name of the center 'FiVE Incorporated' itself suggests something that is dealing with extraordinary. We hope and pray that their efforts to serve children with special needs will prove to be something extraordinary.


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