It Takes Two To Talk (ITTTT), The HANEN Centre, Canada:

Our internationally licensed speech-language therapist guides families of children with delayed speech-language development. The therapist provides guidance to develop positive communication with their child. It is an 8 week program and goes hand in hand along with other regular therapies. An approach to help parents of children with delayed speech and language development.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of children reported with delayed speech and language development in the last decade. These children have something important to say but cannot express themselves as easily as their peers. These children may find it hard to say the right word to ask for something, not because he has a limited vocabulary. Some may find it hard to understand what you are saying.

Impairment in communication affects the two-way flow of interaction, irrespective of the direction of influence.

Speech therapy has gained more recognition as an answer to this problem. But how much change can working with the child alone bring? Learning to facilitate their child's communication development often means that parents have to change the way they interact with and talk to the child. Family's active involvement in a child's intervention program is critical and, without family involvement, intervention is unlikely to be successful and any short-term effects are unlikely to be long-lasting.

The ITTTT is an excellent program that supports parents; teachers and caregivers help young children with communication problems. It is one of the programs designed at the renowned HANEN centre which was founded in 1975 by Ayala Hanen Manolson, a speech-language pathologist in Montreal, Canada. Grounded in research, the HANEN model of early language intervention constitutes an innovative, family-focused approach that has become world-renowned.

The HANEN program can be incorporated into any other treatment processes where the focus is not just communication but involves working with the family as well e.g. occupational therapy or behavioural therapy. Hence, it does not interfere with any of the regular therapies that are being provided to the child, but only complements them. ITTTT gives you a powerful tool to learn more about your child and make the whole experience of language development an encouraging one.

Program details: It is only an 8 week program of two sessions per week. The weekday session is for 45 minutes and the weekend session is for an hour and a half.