"Say Hello, Say Hello to aunty, Say Say Hello, Hello aunty Hello Hello, say it!" Many adults (not just parents) tend to give such rapid series of non-stop instructions to children with delayed speech and language development although they are not ready to say those words.

What you might be missing is that he is waving his hand to say 'hello' but just cannot or does not want to say the 'word' hello. By now the child and you are frustrated that no verbal interaction has happened and as a consequence, he throws a tantrum and you are visibly embarrassed or upset.

Speech is only one form of communication and as human beings we need to communicate to survive in society, not necessarily speak. We tend to use many other forms of communication in everyday life such as gestures, facial expressions, body language, writing and even drawing. All of these help express our thoughts, needs and emotions.

The SIGN-ALONG program equips the child and family with a communication tool that will help the build interaction and social development.

Providing a child who is yet to develop speech and/or cannot understand your speech, with an alternative mode (Non-verbal communication) is like using your first language to learn a second one.