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Typically developing children develop peer reinforcement behaviors, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and social self-efficacy and also develop adaptive behaviors as independent functioning, self-direction, personal responsibility, and functional academic skills. But for these are difficult tasks children with social skill deficits and they receive poor acceptance from peers, have a high incidence of school maladjustment and other social-emotional issues as they grow. They do not have the necessary skill in their repertoire, or they may omit the critical steps needed to perform the behavioral sequence or do not perform the behavior with appropriate frequency or intensity (performance deficit).

Non-verbal social skills are an equally important part of our social development. These skills include knowledge of paralanguage, facial expressions, postures and gestures, interpersonal distance and touch (boundaries), rhythm and time, and personal style and hygiene that are similar to the generally accepted peer group.

Examples of social skills :

Non-verbal behaviors : Eye contact, social distance, voice volume, and facial expression
Relationships : Greeting others, responding to greetings, qualities of a good friend,
joining groups, sharing, compromising, following rules
Conversation : How to initiate, maintain and end a conversation; turn taking in ,
conversations, making comments, asking questions, etc
Problem Solving :

What to do when you are teased or excluded etc...
Understanding thoughts and feelings of self and others - perspective

taking, empathy etc...

Some conditions where children present Social Skill deficits are listed below,
with an insight into the kind of issues they face.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Asperger Syndrome
Learning Disability (LD)
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


The need

Teaching social skills involves promoting skill acquisition, enhancing skill
performance, removing interfering behaviors, and facilitating generalization. Often
the deficits in social development are attributed to inadequate pre-requisite
skills such as sensory motor, sensory integration,


Crucial years for intervention

The first three years of a child's life is very crucial and it is therefore very important to watch for signs of any possible delay and/or disorder in development, and seek professional advice if you do suspect a problem. Taking a child for a routine mental health check up is similar to a medical check up. It is important to acknowledge a child’s difficulties, if suspected and seek professional help.

International Program's

In addition to pioneering inter-disciplinary therapy administered as per a unique therapy administration and service implementation system, FiVE provides internationally renowned specialized programs to fulfill specific needs.  All professionals running these programs are fully certified in the same.

It Takes Two To Talk (ITTTT), It Takes Two To Talk , Canada:
Our internationally licensed speech-language therapist guides families of children with delayed speech-language to develop positive communication with their child. It is an 8 week program and goes hand in hand along with other regular therapies.           


Learning strategies curriculum, University of Kansas, USA :
These are a series of learning methods focusing on reading
comprehension, reading fluency, fundamentals of written expression etc.,
which help children with Learning Disability cope with challenging mainstream curriculum.


Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (FIE), ICELP, Israel:
The program is run by certified educators and provides children with the skills
and strategies necessary to function as independent learners.


"Say Hello, Say Hello to aunty, Say Say Hello, Hello aunty Hello Hello,
say it!” Many



First batch

From June 2010.
• One year program.
• Parent-professional
interaction once a week.
• Home programs
designed by

Ratio – 1:3

Sowmya Surendranathan

Speech-Language Pathologist at FIVE is one of the only two certified professionals for the ITTTT program in India.

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