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Uniqueness of FiVE

Parent Empowerment: Helping a child is not an automatic process. Merely sending him to therapists is not enough.

We have shown that The FiVE Approach, where you as a parent actively participate in planning your child’s intervention together with professional therapists helps you to understand your child’s special needs, builds a relationship, and supports you in playing a significant role in your child’s development.

Inter-disciplinary model of service delivery : We acknowledge that each of you come with individual concerns and interests that are based on your child and not some common disabling condition. 

At FiVE, each family is assigned a unique inter-disciplinary

team of therapists (speech therapist, occupational therapist,
psychologist, and special educator).  The composition of the
team is determined by the particular need of the child.

For example, a younger child with ADHD (less than 3 years)
will have an occupational therapist and speech-language
therapist on the team but an older child with ADHD might
also need a special educator as he may present difficulties
in academic performance.

Mother of

Akshay Has
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The FiVE Approach

Sometimes, anxious families will avail each specific therapy from different therapy centres without information being shared among therapists. This can have disastrous consequences on the child and counteract the effectiveness of any of the intervention.

Unified approach

It is very important to keep in mind that we are working with the CHILD here, NOT SOLELY THE CONDITION. Unless everyone involved with your child interacts and decides on common goals, style or approach, therapy becomes useless.

Transparency and sharing of information

In The FiVE Approach,  transparency in therapy and sharing information and  feedback among the team, family, doctors and schools is very essential. 

Keeping your doctor informed

When a doctor refers a family to us, we update the doctor soon after the initial consultation.  A copy of the assessment report is sent to the doctor and then on we keep them updated on the therapy plan and progress. This helps the doctor understand the status of the child better and enables support the families more effectively.

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