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Parents of Prerna

When we started receiving feedback that our 4 yr old daughter, Prerna, was a below-average performer at school, we were completely stumped. Especially, as this came when we were still trying to cope with her health issues. She was born with a condition known as club feet, which was surgically corrected when she was 7 months old. She started having epileptic seizures from the age of 4.It was around then that her teachers told us she was unable to cope in school. In LKG, this was unbelievable. We were confused, and the school was unable to help. Parental guidance and awareness of learning difficulties associated with children and dedicated centers that addresses developmental issues in children, is currently lacking in our country. We were almost at our wits' end when no one was able to provide any answers.

A friend mentioned the Madras Dyslexia Association, who in turn referred us to FIVE. We discussed the difficulties that our child was going through and, firstly, got a very patient listening from the Head of Services. Then, she posed a number of queries, to achieve a better understanding. She assessed Prerna and informed us that our daughter had some specific learning difficulties which could be addressed with Speech and Language therapy as well as Occupational therapy. Our daughter was also assessed by Occupational therapist. He explained why these sessions were essential to our child and between the two of them, they set our expectations. We understood that the going would be slow and we would address Prerna's difficulties gradually. But, that in the long run, she would be fine. We were happy that she was finally getting help.

Since January 2006, Prerna has been going for regular therapy sessions. The improvement that this has brought in our daughter is truly phenomenal. Where, earlier, she was even vary of walking on an uneven ground, would not climb stairs without support and would avoid group physical activities, she now jumps from a 3 feet tall stool (the first time she did this, I was left simply speechless!) and enjoys it and runs up and down the stairs without support, looks forward to PT classes!! Her Occupational Therapist pushes her constantly with his exercises, all the while concentrating on her weaknesses and physical incapability. We are constantly amazed with her improved performance.

The Speech and Language session that she looks forward to has helped her shed her inhibitions in a conversation. The play-way method that the Speech Therapist uses to drive home and build listening, comprehension and conversing skills is simple, easy to understand and focused. Simple concepts such as recognition of pictures, relating to them, story-telling, puzzles etc has helped her come a long way.

Five has, in short, been a wonderful experience for both Prerna and us and helped us in ways that is beyond verbal expression.


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