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Careers at FiVE

Gain experience in world class inter-disciplinary therapy

FiVE is a progressive organization where you will find tremendous opportunities to learn, contribute and be independent. We have an environment which is conducive to enhance your creativity and culture which challenges you to achieve the best of your potential.


Gaining from training and experience at FiVE

Whether you are working in India or hoping to go overseas, FiVE provides therapists in specific domains the opportunity to be trained and gain experience of working with inter-disciplinary teams, following world class standards, facilities and processes.

At FiVE you are trained to be consultants, counselors, and researchers and this ensures that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to make accurate decisions, be updated with working methods, teamwork, overall client management, development of personal abilities, and the sensitivity to work with children and families. You are updated in knowledge and skills on a continual basis. This ensures your competence to plan and deliver most effective high quality services.

Career options

Career progression and partnership program.
FiVE provides a highly entrepreneurial environment as well as the opportunity to progress, by enabling individuals build long term client relationships and team ownership without the need for establishing an increasingly diminishing stand alone, and single therapy services.

With demonstrated capabilities, therapists can progress to be Partners and in charge of FiVE centres.

Overseas Placement
FiVE’s overseas partnerships provide an opportunity for dedicated therapists to obtain premium placement when compared to their peers, after gaining training and
experience working with inter-disciplinary teams, following world class
processes and standards.


We are looking for exceptional individuals who can contribute
to the field of child development and learning, and a passion to
make a difference in children’s lives.

If you feel you possess cutting edge skills, the right attitude to
deliver quality services to families of children with special needs
email your CV to

Our vacancies:

1. Speech Therapists
2. Occupational Therapists
3. Special Educators
4. Psychologists
5. Physiotherapists (with SI or NDT training)
6. Social worker (MSW)
7. Dietician


Therapists and educators share experience about
being part of FiVE Therapy Center

Superior quality Interdisciplinary service

With growing awareness among parents, of the development needs of their child, no single professional can decide the course of intervention as development is interlinked across and even within the domains. Intervention must be necessarily interdisciplinary using a holistic, structured yet sensitive approach.

Parents are increasingly demanding inter-disciplinary therapy as per the child’s needs, and of superior quality.

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