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As a parent you will have concerns and hopes for your child. If your child is not developing like their typical peers, you are likely to be all the more anxious and worried. But don’t worry, help is at hand. 

What is important is that you get proper help.  The decisions you make are ever more important for a child with special needs as it is for any other child. 

FiVE’s chain of Paediatric Therapy Centres have been specifically established to revolutionize the way therapy is available for children with special needs - holistic inter-disciplinary therapy with world class facilities and equipment, a unique therapy administration and service implementation system, and most importantly, inclusion of the family in therapy.

Therapy at FiVE is based on a strong
conviction in

. The power of families as being integral to enhancing child development and

The uniqueness of all individuals, especially children and the need for treating them as such

The FiVE Approach facilitates children and parents participation in mainstream society by providing

. A family centric approach: An emphasis on the participation of the family  in therapy, as integral to helping the child with special needs, thereby enabling a happy connection in the child’s home environment >> Parent Empowerment
. An innovative, child specific approach in providing inter-disciplinary therapy and education for the overall development of each child with special needs >> Inter-disciplinary model of service
. FiVE’s unique Therapy Administration System/Service Implementation System is designed to be continuous, comprehensive, and culturally competent.

Mother of

When we
feedback that our
4 yr old daughter...

The FiVE Approach to help children with special needs and their
families involves

Family participation
Interdisciplinary child
specific therapy
World class facilities
A unique therapy
administrative system

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